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How to Apply Perfume Oil(Attar)

Concentrated perfume oils (attar) are beautiful additions to your scent collection. Applying it directly on the skin lasts longer than spray perfumes. With Attar, a little goes a long way and there are a variety of unique scents to choose from, ranging from oud, musk, spices, and floral notes.

If you like a soft scent, then apply just a small dab directly on your skin on any one or more of your points. Or, if you prefer a stronger scent then apply more generously. The points of application are behind the ears, the wrists, the neck and behind the knees. To prevent the top notes of your attar from fading do not rub the attar into your skin, a light dabbing it is sufficient. 

Let's Get Started

Now that we’ve shared how to apply these beautiful perfumes, check out our collection of exotic fragrance oils at Faizi Perfumes.

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